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Delivering most perfect in quality and highly reasonably priced Tablet Dies, Tablet Press Dies, Valves, Precision Turned Press Components and much more.

Every customer, be it a customer of end product, a customer of raw material, a customer of half made material or any other, all that they care for and like to invest their money in is quality product. Yes, there is no denying in this fact because quality pays for the amount customer spent money in. So, to increase the circulation of quality products which aids companies engaged in pharmaceutical, pipeline, valves and many other fields to manufacture quality best products, we Rajesh Industries started working as manufacturer and supplier of Tablet Dies, Tablet Press Dies, Punches Tablet Press, Precision Turned Press Components, Metallic & Non Metallic Components, Grinding Components, Brass Components along with a host of many other items. All these goods are perfect in quality as quality base materials and advanced technologies are used in production. It was in 1970 that the company was formed by Mr. Hirji Vishpul Ganger.